Teach Eat Love




Hi, there! I’m Anne. One day, I realized that my toddler was well on her way to becoming a picky eater. After making one too many runs to the store for cheddar bunnies, I started reading about ways to convince children to try new foods and began to write down the recipes I made up that my daughter enjoyed.

As a handful of recipes became several dozen, I’ve grown increasingly passionate about teaching my daughters and anyone who wants to listen about how to find healthy ingredients and prepare them in a way children of all ages will enjoy. It’s been a fun ride – my blog has been featured by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution organization, Rachel Ray’s Yum-o! foundation, just to name a couple.

But most importantly, I’ve learned how to enjoy teaching my daughters to love what they eat.

I can be reached at admin@teacheatlove.com.

I have degrees in English Literature, not nutrition, so please don’t treat this blog as any kind of medical advice; I just enjoy writing and cooking fresh foods for my family. When I’m not in the kitchen, I can be found at my sewing machine working on modern quilts, in my garden, or curled up with a good book. We love traveling – especially to National Parks – whenever we can.