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The Little Mermaid Bento

When we found out we were having a little girl about 6 1/2 years ago, I decided we weren’t going to raise a pink wearing, princess obsessed, little monster.

We painted her room a neutral color; accented it with green, yellow, and a bit of pink; and chose as many brown-and-turquoise outfits as possible.

And then she decided, all on her own, that pink was her favorite color, and her chief aspiration is to be a Disney princess. So, here we are. This bento box lunch is an homage to Ariel. I like using rice for some of my creations, but sometimes I use polenta instead. You can easily make your own, but I use storebought to help expedite lunch packing.

little mermaid bento

The background is grated carrot, her body is polenta, spinach is her mermaid tail, red onion for her shell top, leftover pasta for her hair, strawberries, mozzarella pearls, and these amazingly easy two ingredient gummies.

fruit juice gummy recipe


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