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Autumn Bento Box

It’s the first day of autumn, and we made a bento box to celebrate! Some of my bento boxes are a bit fussier, but for this one, I wanted a bento box that uses the convenience of store-bought foods without sacrificing nutrition. This is a simple box that anyone can easily put together in minutes – you just need some cookie cutters.

You can find fun lunch ideas as well as coupons for healthier products like the ones featured here, Honest Kids and Rudi’s Organic Bakery, as well as Applegate and Annie’s, at Rock the Lunchbox.

easy bento box

The sandwich is made out of Rudi’s Organic Bakery Spelt Bread and nut butter with a squirrel cookie cutter. Little acorns are single slices of bread smeared with a bit of peanut butter for the tops and a chocolate covered sunflower seed for the stems.

I usually make my own sourdough bread that only uses flour, salt, and water, but I like to keep some store-bought stuff on hand for convenience. I like buying the frozen type loaves because they are generally healthier, but they can be dry; that wasn’t the case with Rudi’s. It’s soft, organic, and tastes great. We tried their gluten free bread, too – it’s not quite as good as the regular stuff, but it’s not bad at all.

cookie cutter sandwich ideas

I spelled FALL on a backdrop of watermelon with some mango and mini-alphabet cookie cutters. Watermelon and mango might not scream “autumn” to most people, but they are to those of us enjoying blistering hot autumn days in Florida.

fall school lunch

Red and orange bell peppers easily become little brightly colored leaves with the help of tiny cookie cutters. My daughter will eat almost any vegetable if it’s cut into a cute shape, so she has shaped veggies and carrot sticks with hummus or my easy Single Serving Greek Yogurt Dip almost every day.

If you have a picky eater, give your child some choice – let him pick out any vegetable to try at the grocery store next time, or let her raid through the cookie cutters to choose the shape she wants. Giving a picky kid some control over his food might not fix the problem on the first try, but it will certainly help.

bento box

This bento also has Annie’s cheddar bunny crackers, the snack the started this whole blog. When my daughter was about 18 months old, she was so addicted to those little crackers that she wouldn’t really eat anything else. I’m happy to say that she enjoys a much more diverse diet now, but she does still get the occasional handful of cheddar bunnies for old time’s sake.

Some mozzarella pearls are skewered with forest animal picks. Cute bento picks are another way I like to add some fun to lunch – they’re functional since they help my kid eat more easily, but they’re also a ridiculously easy way to make healthy foods fun.

bento box school lunch

My kids don’t drink juice much because of the sugar, but we keep it around the house as a special treat. This stuff is great – there’s no added sugar or artificial coloring. Honest Kids sent me a bunch to try out for this post, and I think we’ll use a lot of it for my easy two ingredient gummies.

The cute little box in the middle has a few chocolate covered sunflower seeds that are colored brown, crimson, and orange with vegetable-based dyes – perfect for an autumn lunch box.

school lunch ideas

Fun, healthy lunches don’t have to be complicated – this one comes together easily with store-bought ingredients and some cookie cutters. Cheers for happy lunches and cooler autumn days!    fall-7-copy

Although Rudi’s and Honest Kids provided me with product for reviewing, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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