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Gymnast Bento

olympics bento box

My five year old thought she liked ballet until one fateful night when we tuned in to Rio gymnastics. The pretty girls, sparkly costumes, and jumping on a massive trampoline dance floor convinced her that she IS a gymnast. We went to her first class yesterday, and I’m pretty sure she felt like she was about to medal when she put chalk on her sweet little sweaty palms.

olympic bento

I already made a swimming bento for her, so I thought I would create a gymnastics lunch. I used Aly Raisman as my model – she’s made out of sticky rice, roasted red bell pepper, and nori seaweed. I didn’t have quite enough room for her top knot, but this is intended to be eaten after all ­čÖé She’s standing on a string cheese “balance bean,” as my daughter calls it, and is wearing a yellow bell pepper gold medal. The second bento has Rio themed kiwi and cantaloupe, Applegate salami, my kid’s favorite, for some protein, naturally colored chocolates in blue and red, and hummus with carrot chips.


aly raisman olympics



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