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Brave Bento Box

brave bento

My kids’ favorite Disney movie is really a tie between Frozen and the Lion King. My favorite Disney movie, though, is Brave. I absolutely love the story between mother and daughter, the beautiful scenery, and the voices. That movie always makes me cry.

For the Brave bento, I wanted to do something fun but also delicious. I love highly stylized bentos, but so many that I see are so rice-dependent, and I wonder how they actually taste. This bento borrows heavily from Italian flavors, so it tastes great. Instead of a rice face, I used polenta. You can make your own or save some time and buy pre-made tubes of polenta at the grocery store. They don’t sear as well as homemade polenta, but they’re fine for this.

This is also great for leftovers – if you make corkscrew pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs for dinner, this bento is a snap.

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Let’s get started!

To make the little bear brothers, make your favorite meatballs in two sizes. I love this recipe for meatballs with sausage and beef, which I bake in muffin tins to help keep the ball shapes. You’ll need to make two sizes – small and medium. Grab the small one and cut it in half. Get a toothpick and cut that in half, too. Stick the halves in the big meatball and thread the small halves on top.

To finish the bears, you’ll need three tiny circles of mozzarella (I used an apple corer for the shape), and I used a nori press to cut nori seaweed for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

disney bento box

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