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Radish, Fennel, and Brie Pizza

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This pizza was totally the result of a “what on earth should I put on this dough?” kind of moment. I had a languishing wedge of brie, the green part of fennel that the recipe I used the white part for said to just throw away, and some gorgeous Easter egg radishes in lovely shades of purple, crimson, and pink.

I grabbed my hunk of pizza dough, shaped it into a circle, brushed it generously with olive oil, and laid out thin slices of brie and about half of the radishes. I wanted some freshness, so I added the remaining half and a handful of fennel after the cheese bubbled up in golden glory. Just be sure to add the remaining toppings while the cheese is still really hot so they adhere. No one wants a pizza that’s losing its toppings.

Radish, Brie, and Fennel Pizza

Gorgeous and perfect for spring.


3 or 4 radishes (I used the easter egg variety), washed, tops removed, and thinly sliced

a handful of fennel top, roughly chopped

a wedge of brie

olive oil for brushing

coarse salt for finishing (I like Maldon)

cornmeal for sliding the dough

a hunk of pizza dough


  1. Follow the instructions for shaping the dough and heating the oven.
  2. Top the shaped dough with about a tablespoon of olive oil and rub it all around from edge to edge.
  3. Place the brie slices all over the top, about 1" from the outside rim. Add half of the radishes. Pop in the oven until the brie bubbles and begins to look crisp in some spots.
  4. Add the remaining radishes, fennel greens, and a sprinkling of sea salt.

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