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Mother’s Day Breakfast Round-Up {+ a Modern Oats review}

I love cooking, but on Mother’s Day, I want to be sitting on the couch enjoying a latt√© while I listen to the chaotic sounds of my family making breakfast coming from the kitchen.

If you want to take the morning off, too, here are some easy breakfast ideas that your family can throw together for you.

If you have a kid or husband who can operate a food processor and turn an oven on, these¬†Double Chocolate Muffins are the easiest muffins ever. Blend, dump the batter in a muffin tin, and bake. They’re also gluten free (but they don’t taste like it).

gf baking

Here are two simple recipes for Overnight Oats. You just need some yogurt, milk, fruit, oatmeal, sugar, and mason jars. It’s simple, healthy, and doesn’t make a bunch of dishes, either!

You can make Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

apple cinnamon oats

Or try combining cherry and almond...

overnight oats with cherries and almonds

Or, my personal favorite, start the day with chocolate and raspberries.

chocolate overnight oats

Or if no one wants to cook breakfast, you can make oatmeal! Recently, Modern Oats contacted me to see if I would try out their products. I love the simple ingredients – oats, fruit, nuts – and everything is non-GMO, which is important to me. They’re also vegan. I love that they don’t contain added weird flavors, too.

healthy breakfast food

They couldn’t be easier – you open the container, pour hot water, recap it, and wait 3 minutes for delicious oatmeal. Sidebar: I found that hot water cooled off too quickly; the instructions should probably say boiling water.

modern oats review

My only reservation is that they contain much more sugar than we would normally have for breakfast. Children ages 4-8 are supposed to limit their added sugar intake to 12 grams per day, which is exactly the amount of sugar in the Vermont Maple flavor. I really like that these have whole ingredients – yummy spices, chia, pumpkin seeds, and whole oats – but I would love to see lower sugar options so my five year old doesn’t max out her sugar allowance at breakfast.

on the go breakfast ideas

They come in lots of yummy flavors, but my favorite was the coconut almond which had chia in it. Yum! Like I said, these have far too much sugar for me to feel okay about it everyday, but for a special portable breakfast for a mother’s day breakfast at the beach, I think they’d be perfect.

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