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Minion Cheese Toast

My little girl woke up on the wrong side of the bed last Saturday. I could tell it wasn’t because of anything in particular, just a case of the grouchies that everybody gets. Coaxing doesn’t work with her, but cheese toast does. Whenever she spends the night at her Mimi’s house, she has cheese toast for breakfast the next morning. It is an almost magical food for her because Mimi makes it.

I grabbed a loaf of bread, one of my recent baking experiments, cut a slice, and put it under the broiler with a piece of cheddar. While it was toasting, I cut some simple shapes out of nori seaweed (you can grab a packet at a health food store or well-stocked grocery store), and cut a circle out of provolone cheese with an inverted shot glass. You use what you have, right?

easy minion food ideas

The minion features took about 2 minutes to make, and it turned her frown upside down.



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