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Despicable Me Bento

We started family movie night a few months ago. I didn’t realize how much my daughter would love it, but she talks about our special night all the time. On Saturdays, we pick out a movie together and make pizzas which we eat around the tv. We watched a few of the classic Disney films like Aristocats and Jungle Book, and then we decided to fast forward a bit to Despicable Me.

It was a huge hit with my kids. My toddler saw the minions and recognized the cry of her people. She chattered, repeatedly jumped off the couch, and ran laps around the living room. I guess there are worse role models for a 2 year old. I’m not exactly sure what those are, but I’m sure they’re out there.

despicable me food

My five year old loved the film, so I wanted to make a fun Despicable Me bento for her.

This bento box is a little harder than some of mine because you do need to free-style some of the details (unless you can find a Gru eyebrow cutter).

Despicable Me Bento

Take over lunchtime with this fantastic bento!


Here's what you'll need:

  • bread
  • sliced white and yellow cheese (I used Applegate provolone and cheddar)
  • a bit of cucumber or green bell pepper
  • nori seaweed (available online or at a well-stocked grocery store)
  • cucumber and carrots
  • apple
  • 1 recipe Single Serving Greek Yogurt Dip
  • a bit of Vegenaise (or mayo of your choice)


Gru's Face, Moon, & Minion

To make Gru's face, use a large circular cookie cutter or bowl to cut a circle in the bread and the cheese. "Glue" the cheese to the bread with mayo. Using a scrap of bread and cheese from the outside of the circle, cut a wedge for Gru's nose. With your remaining provolone, cut a smaller circle for the moon Gru wants to steal, two eye shapes for Gru, and one small circle for your minion's eye.

Grab a piece of nori seaweed. It's easy to cut if you don't get it at all wet. I free-formed cut Gru's eyebrows, his little sad mouth, his pupils, the lines (bags) under his eyes, as well as the minion's features (tuft of hair, pupil, mouth, and monocle strap). I used circle cutters to quickly cut out spots for the moon.

I used an apple corer to stamp the green iris on Gru's eyes.

For your minion, I cut a minion-shaped piece of bread out, smeared it with mayo, trimmed a matching-size piece of cheddar, and then assembled the eye with provolone and nori.

Apple Ballet Shoes

Grab your apple, and cut three wedges for the girls' ballet shoes. I cut the top and bottom edges blunt to look like toe shoes, and pierced the skin to kind of shave it off as needed to cut out the ballet shoe shape.




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