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Man Bento Box

A few years ago, I read about these fun, tidy, compact Japanese lunches called “bentos.” Basically, they’re a fantastic way to use leftovers as lunch. So, I hopped on amazon and ordered a little lunchbox for my husband. My goal was functional and inexpensive, but then I found this one that was functional, inexpensive, AND awesome.

The little lid contains a compartment for chopsticks that reads: Dear Label We are passionate about lunch communication. The lunch is a good day pastime.


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This bento box looks like a lot of work, but it uses up leftover vegetables, salmon burgers that can be frozen, and rice that was made overnight in my rice cooker, so it’s really simple to assemble.

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Let’s get started!

Man Bento Box


1/2 c. short grain rice, cooked according to the instructions - use short grain sushi-style rice or it won't stick together into a shape

1 recipe honey ginger carrots

1 recipe salmon burgers*

leftover roasted veggies like Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts and sautéed kale with a few cashews

Pickled cabbage, optional

Sriracha and/or soy sauce for flavor


  • The night before, set your rice cooker to be all ready when you wake up.
  • In the morning, shape the rice first. You can use a special rice mold like this one or you can just use a sturdy plastic bag. Pack the rice into one corner and twist to shape the rice. I scooped a bit of rice out of the top and packed in some pickled cabbage for crunch. Allow the rice to cool for about 5 minutes before you close the bento up.
  • Add the prepared salmon, carrots, and other veggies to the bento.
  • Drizzle on sriracha or toss in a container of soy sauce (I found mine at World Market).


*I omitted the capers and dill and subbed a teaspoon of ginger since I wanted an Asian-style burger.

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