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French Toast Bento Box

My parents kept our oldest daughter over the weekend so we could – get ready for it – clean out the garage. Oh, the joys of being an adult.

The garage needed some fairly epic organizing and cleaning. When we moved into our house almost two years ago, we left a boxes and everything we weren’t sure where it should go in the garage, and we have steadily added to our Hoarder’s-style nest. When we had an electrician out to the house a few months ago, he politely mentioned that it looked and smelled like raccoons lived in the garage. RACCOONS.

Now, thanks to the efforts of my husband and an awesome friend, the garage is spotless. Like eat-off-the-floor clean. I even hung art in there, guys. It’s awesome.

On Sunday, I convinced my husband to stop organizing his tools in the garage to take us out to dinner and to the beach. It was a great decision. Getting kids outside to run is almost always a good idea, right?

daytona beach

It was freezing by Florida standards – in the upper 60s and breezy. I’m laughing while typing that because I know what eye-rolling and gnashing of teeth will occur when my northern friends and family read about our frigid adventure to the beach.

Look how brave we are handling all that coldness!


The baby gets so excited when she sees the foam rolling in on the waves that she squeals and throws her little hands up.

ormond beach vacation

I love how the water looks when it’s cool outside. The colors are so muted and blueish. We might not have any decent shopping within an hour of us, but we do have the ocean. I think that makes up for it.

family beach

By the time we got the girls home, bathed, in bed, and cleaned up the approximately fifty pounds of sand they inexplicably dragged into the house, I was tired and just went to bed. Then Monday rolled around and caught me off guard: I had nothing for lunches, much less cute lunches.

So, I did what all moms do when they don’t feel like making a meal – breakfast for dinner lunch! We had some leftover French toast from Sunday, so it became the focal point for this bento that my daughter absolutely devoured.

breakfast bento

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • a few toothpicks or bento picks for the fruit
  • a silicone muffin liner for the cheese
  • a small container for your syrup (mine came with the lunchbox)
  • a bento box with dividers like this PlanetBox bento box


  • leftover French toast cut into strips for dunking
  • real maple syrup*
  • frozen or fresh berries
  • kiwi or other fruit
  • banana chips or a few carrot sticks
  • a wedge of cheese

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