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Cat in the Hat Bento (2)

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Dr. Seuss bento lunches continue with our second Cat in the Hat bento.

We have made a Lorax bento

the lorax food

and a Cat in the Hat bento

cat in the hat bento

My preschooler is such a fan of the Cat in the Hat, that I thought we should make a second one. It’s really simple, too – you just need a few little props and tools.

cat in the hat bento

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Bento picks (I used a chalkboard toothpick with a label I made, a pinwheel toothpick, and a couple of cat bento picks)
  • Paper cut in a circle and a skinny black sharpie (for “thing 2”)
  • a couple of silicone muffin liners (preferably red and blue)
  • a cat sandwich press like this one
  • a divided bento box (I like this one from planet box)
  • tiny flower cookie cutters


  • bell pepper cut into flowers (check out this easy tutorial)
  • coin-cut carrots (I buy them pre-cut at the grocery store)
  • black olives or other food your child enjoys threaded on the toothpicks
  • blueberries, cut strawberries, cut kiwi, or other cut fruit
  • a baby bel cheese wheel, unpeeled, with the “thing 2” label taped on it
  • a few slices of white cheese and red bell pepper or tomato for the cat’s hat
  • a sandwich, pressed into the cat cookie cutter




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