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Cat Bento Box

My oldest daughter wears cat ears most days of the week. She has cat socks, a million cat shirts (my favorite says “Pawsitively Purrfect”), and a menagerie of plush cats that she carries around the house. So, I frequently pack cat-themed lunches for her at school. Here’s the one we’re going to make today.

Italian bento ideas

I’ve also made this Here Kitty, Kitty Cat Bento lunch

cat bento ideas

There’s a cat in the hat bentocat in the hat bento

And another Cat in the Hat bentocat in the hat bento

Today’s lunch looks so much more complicated than it is. The cutest part about the lunch is obviously the open-faced cat sandwiches. I used these Animal Bento Sandwich Cutters. You cut the bread, meat, and cheese with the head shape, and then you use a little cat stamp to cut the cat’s features all at once.

So let’s get started! healthy school lunch ideas

Prep Time: about 10 minutes

Cat Bento Box

This cute bento is brightly colored, healthy, and fun!



  • fresh fruit (I used kiwi)
  • something sweet (like banana chips)
  • carrot sticks and Single Serving Greek Yogurt Dip
  • a few oil-cured black olives (she loves these - it's weird, I know) - sub something else if you need to
  • two cherry tomatoes or other veggie
  • some raisins or another treat in the rainbow box
  • a slice of bread, a little bit of Vegenaise (like mayo but even yummier), 2 large slices of salami, and 1 piece of deli-style sliced white cheese



  1. Toss your cut fruit in one compartment.
  2. Pierce the tomatoes with your leaf pick and toss them in a silicone muffin liner.
  3. Add carrot sticks to a muffin liner and make your Greek yogurt dip straight in the dip container.
  4. Cut the bread with the head outline cutter. Spread a little bit of Vegenaise (or mayo) on the bread. Lay your salami on a cutting board and cut off the top third. Cut that bit in half and stick it on the cat's ears. Put the remaining large piece on the cat's face. Now, press the cutter (with the cat's feature cutter inserted) into the cheese. Place on top of the salami. Repeat if you want to make two sandwiches.
  5. Toss olives in a mini-cupcake liner, and raisins in your little treat box.

*I like Applegate for the cheese and salami. No antibiotics, no yucky ingredients, and a guarantee of animal welfare - win.




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