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Cat in the Hat Bento

Lately, my preschooler has been obsessed with all things Dr. Seuss. We have read Hop on Pop at bedtime most nights the past week, but I think the Cat in the Hat is her favorite.

cat in the hat bento

Can we sidebar here about how terrible the Cat really is? I mean, honestly. If those were my kids and that was my cat, I would’ve told a very different story.

But I disgress. This bento is fun, festive, and easy to put together.

dr seuss food ideas

You’ll need some skewers for the cat’s hat (ie: Caprese skewers), two silicone muffin liners, cat food picks (optional but fun), a cookie cutter for the brownie, and mini-alphabet cookie cutters. The bento shown here is my PlanetBox Lunchbox , which I love.

For food, we’ll need…

  • some fresh veggies (I used carrot coins and broccoli),
  • fresh fruit (I used strawberries and blueberries),
  • a treat (leftover brownie),
  • bits of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes cut in half and threaded on skewers,
  • a piece of whole grain bread, spread with cream cheese, and decorated with cheddar letters.

I prefer using deli-style pre-cut cheese for this because it’s much easier to work with. I love Applegate Organics brand for this because the milk is from cows that haven’t been treated with growth hormones.



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