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Wrap it Up Bento Box

bento box

I love this bento – it’s perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. I cheated a little and used a store-bought wrap which I generally try to avoid because of the added ingredients, but I’m trying to strike a little balance between healthy eating and sanity. This week it meant a package of wraps.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a lunch box with compartments like PlanetBox lunch box
  • a silicone muffin liner
  • a lidded container for dip
  • nori seaweed punch like this: CuteZCute Seaweed Nori Punch*
  • various animal picks like these Animal Food Picks
  • a very long toothpick

easy lunch ideas


  • pita chips (I like Stacey’s brand since they’re GMO free)
  • carrot coins
  • Single Serving Greek Yogurt Dip
  • Cut up fruit (like kiwi)
  • Jarlsberg cheese wedge (or baby bel – they’re in red wax instead of yellow) and nori seaweed
  • Wrap and filling (see below)

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