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Pizza Lunchables-style Bento Box

What is it with kids and lunchables? I was in elementary school when the original cheese-lunchmeat-crackers and Andes mint combo came out, and it was a guarantee of a good day in store when I saw my mom occasionally toss a Lunchables in my lunch bag. I think kids love building their own meal because it gives them a bit of control over what they eat. It’s the same reason why the dinner table can become a minefield – they want a little power over what they eat, or at least how they eat it.

pizza bento

We make pizzas about once a week as a way to use up leftover vegetables and cheeses. It’s a fantastic way to get your kids to try something new – I asked my daughter what she wanted on her pizza one day a few months ago, and she asked for beets and carrots. I was a little repulsed but thought I was up to the challenge of making that taste good. Now it has evolved into one of our favorite pizzas – grated beet and carrot, mozzarella and goat cheese, fresh rosemary and olive oil “sauce”, with a drizzle of jalapeno honey on top. It’s awesome.

I had a little bit of leftover dough last week, so I made baby pizza crusts for lunch. The idea of “raw” pizza kind of grosses me out, but my daughter couldn’t have been more excited about building her own pizza for lunch.

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It’s so simple – just grab a container for some leftover red sauce, grate some cheese (I had some mozzarella and parmesan that needed to be used), and add toppings like basil leaves, olives, and pepperoni. You can use an English muffin half or some naan cut in a circle if you don’t want to make the pizza dough (but give it a shot – it’s super easy! Click here for the recipe). bento box ideas


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