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Cat Bento Box

This little girl would turn herself into a cat if she could.

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For about a year, she wore cat ears every. single. day. School, church, the beach – cat ears came along with us.

Now she’s content just to wear cat shirts and shoes occasionally, which is good because I had visions of her going away to college with cat ears.

cat bento ideas

This bento box was her all-time favorite. She gleefully asked me to look inside and see how much was left when I picked her up from school – she ate everything but the fruit picks and the muffin liners. This bento just proves to me yet again that kids will eat just about anything if you make it fun.

Prep Time: 10-15 minutes

Cat Bento box

Add some feline fun to lunch with this bento!


Tools you'll need:


  • bread and filling for a sandwich (I used sunflower seed spread with craisins for the cat's face)
  • a babybel cheese wedge with the wax still on
  • cut up fruit like kiwi and strawberries
  • Single Serving Greek yogurt dip (it's so easy)
  • some carrot "chips," baby carrots, or other veggie
  • pita chips, popcorn, or something similar
  • pomegranate seeds or a little treat
  • a bit of bell pepper for "MEOW"


  1. I use a plastic sandwich cutter, so I cut the bread individually before assembling it - it's just easier. If you're using the tools to make a cat face, do that first. Add craisins if you can't see the cat's features well enough.
  2. Mix up your Greek yogurt dip directly in the container you're sending to school.
  3. Add the fruit, veg, and pita chips.
  4. Using your letters, cut out "CAT" in the baby bel. Just press down firmly and the wax will pop right out.
  5. Peel some bell pepper and press the cookie cutters in it to spell "MEOW." Arrange below the sandwich. (You can use cream cheese to help it stick, but I don't).
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