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Frozen Bento Box

frozen bento box

When your daughter has a Frozen-themed day at preschool, she needs a fun lunch. I can’t tell you how excited she was to see this bento box, and it came home completely empty – she didn’t eat the snowman’s nose because the carrot tasted “like egg,” but everything else was gone.

For a special bento box, it was pretty simple to put together – it just took a few extra minutes, so I did it the night before.

Part of what makes this bento cute is the fun toothpicks – I found the snowflakes and the heart at Michael’s.

frozen lunch ideas

Here are the tools you’ll need:

a silicone cupcake liner

a small dip container

fun toothpicks

mini-alphabet letters

a lunchbox with compartments

Frozen Bento Box


1 slice of bread

softened cream cheese

red bell pepper

a hard boiled egg

sliced carrots (I love pre-cut carrot "chips")

super easy Single Serving Greek yogurt dip

a couple of slices of pepperoni (I used Applegate turkey pepperoni)

some craisins

nori seaweed for the snowman egg*


  1. Peel the red bell pepper and use the alphabet letters to punch out the words.
  2. Smear the bread with the cream cheese and then put the letters down.
  3. Skewer the heart toothpick with craisins.
  4. Fold the pepperonis in half and cut out a simple heart shape. Skewer with your snowflake toothpicks.
  5. Make the greek yogurt dip, and put some carrots in the silicone muffin liner.
  6. Cut out the seaweed into a smile, and punch out two small eye circles with nori punches, scrapbooking punches, or just cut them. If you want to make hair, too, just make an indentation in the "head" and cut out a tuft of nori and pop it in the little indentation you made.

*Nori is healthy, black seaweed that is almost flavorless and is easy to find on amazon, health food stores, or a well-stocked grocery store.



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