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The Easiest Christmas Appetizer

easy christmas appetizer

I love Christmas baking and cooking. Really, I do. But sometimes, as my buddy Laura said this morning, you want Mary Poppins to blink all your Christmas chores away because you’re just tired. easy party appetizer

That’s where this gorgeous appetizer comes in. I baked my heart out and just couldn’t bring myself to pour one more cup of sugar into my flour coated kitchen, so I grabbed some of my favorite savory goodies instead. I had seen a much more minimalist version of this wreath on The Kitchn awhile back, so I decided to just run with the idea.

Here’s what you’ll need: about a dozen rosemary sprigs, a ball of mozzarella pearls, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and a few different types of olives.

antipasto appetizer ideas

On a large plate (or a food-safe charger like I used), arrange the rosemary sprigs into a wreath. This does NOT have to be perfect since you’ll be immediately covering it. You just want to make a circle. Now, arrange little mounds of tomatoes, cheese, and olives. Don’t worry about making a color pattern or anything – it should look rustic and uncomposed. But you should space out the reds and whites so they’re not right next to each other.

easy christmas appetizers


olive wreath appetizer



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