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easy bento ideas

Are you loving this bento box series as much as I am? We’ve had some seriously fun lunches this week with a special appearance from Santa in this Christmas Bento.

christmas lunch ideas

This Very Merry Bento comes with an adorable and very simple mozzarella snowman. healthy christmas bento

And for some fast Christmas cheer, grab a bagel and whip up this Frosty the Bento. frosty bento

Christmas Bento box number 4 is even faster – just make a sandwich (I love sunflower seed spread or cream cheese and jam) and then stamp it with cookie cutters. Trim the bread with scissors if needed to clean up the edges. christmas bento ideas
For the remaining compartments, I used toothpicks to skewer a little Caprese salad with cherry tomato halves, mozzarella halves, and some green olives. Throw in some pitted cherries and pineapple, a little bit of organic and naturally colored TruJoy candy cane, and Trader Joe’s pea chips, and you have one fantastic lunch.

easy lunch ideas


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