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Frosty the Bento

This might be my favorite wintry bento box yet. It’s adorable and so simple to make, so if you’re in a hurry and have a bagel, this box is only about 5 minutes away.

I like using various red and green fruits and veggies for the compartments of this PlanetBox Lunch box. I used pitted cherries here, but you could sub raspberries, red apple slices, or red grapes. For the veggies, I used sweet pea chips, celery, and halved cherry tomatoes, but red and green bell peppers are great, too.

frosty bento

The snowman is simple – grab a bagel half, smear it with some cream cheese, add black olive halves for eyes and a mouth, and the end of a carrot (halved so it’s flat) for his nose.

For something sweet, I tossed in a piece of a candy cane. I absolutely love the Organic Candy Canes by Trujoy – they’re made with organic sugar and colored naturally with beets. And they’re the best tasting candy canes I’ve ever had.

winter bento


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