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Leftover Taco Bento Box

Packing leftovers for a kid’s lunch can be a tricky situation since they can’t be warmed up at school; however, I’ve learned that my little kid will eat just about anything if it’s fun: and that means do-it-yourself taco time!

Taking leftovers from “blah” to “fun” is easy – just grab a tortilla.

fast school lunch ideas

I used individual silicone muffin liners as compartments for our leftover fillings (roasted chickpeas, grilled tempeh slices, and sautéed veggies). The sky’s the limit here – leftover chicken, fish, shrimp, beef, or tofu rounded out with some leftover sautéed veggies or grated cheese and sour cream? Yum!

I filled the rest of the compartments with sliced grapes, banana chips, carrot sticks, cucumber rounds, and cheese cut into flowers (just grab a mini cookie cutter – it’s a piece of cake).

I used the PlanetBox Lunchbox here. It’s hands down my favorite for packing fast, healthy lunches.


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