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Happy Bento

It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s happy! This bento box can be prepped ahead of time if you put your freezer and rice cooker to work – it’ll just take a few minutes to assemble in the morning.

easy bento\

Burgers: The fish burgers can be made ahead of time and frozen – I used tuna, but you can use salmon if you want to make these awesome Salmon Burgers instead.

Rice Shapes: For the fun sticky rice shapes, just set your rice cooker the night before and press the cooked rice into molds when you wake up. If you want hot pink rice, check this recipe out. I used Nori Punches for their faces – that adds about 2 minutes to the process but lots of cute.

Broccoli: I steamed this broccoli while breakfast was cooking because my kid likes slightly cooked broccoli better than raw. The cute refillable Bento Soy Sauce Case Container goes with the broccoli.

Grapes: I cut them in half and skewered them with Panda Bento Picks because pandas make lunch more fun, right?

This bento is packed in my favorite lunch box, the PlanetBox lunch box.

pink rice recipe







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