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Birthday Bento

So this sweet little girl turned five recently.

birthday bento ideas

Turning five requires a very special birthday lunch – and since I knew she’d be enjoying cupcakes with her class, I wanted to keep it on the healthy side, but still fun.

It’s a seriously easy bento to throw together. You’ll need a lunchbox with compartments (I love my PlanetBox lunch box), one or two small cookie cutters (like a star, a heart, and your child’s age), a few candles, and some bento picks (like these panda bento picks) for fun.

birthday lunch ideas

For the ingredients, I used some raspberries, some delicious sugar snap peas, a few carrot slices and cheese slices cut like stars, and a simple sandwich. Since we’re dealing with nut allergies, I just used some sunflower seed spread. Add some naturally colored sprinkles and a small treat (like a few gummies) to up the fun factor.

Birthday Bento Box

Happy Birthday to you!


ingredients for a simple sunflower seed or nut butter sandwich

a handful of rinsed sugar snap peas

some raspberries

cheese slices

carrot sticks

a few gummies or chocolate chips



  1. Before making the sandwich, cut out the heart or star for the top and then cut out the number for the age your child is turning.
  2. Apply the spread you're using to the bottom piece of the sandwich, cut the heart or star out and match it up to the top piece. If you're using sprinkles, shake them on now to fill in the number cut out.
  3. Insert the candles into the raspberries.
  4. With a small cookie cutter, shape the cheese.
  5. Pop the bento picks into the sugar snap peas.

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