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What are persimmons?

what are persimmons

Have you ever seen these at the farmers’ market or grocery store and thought, “Well, that’s pretty, but what do you do with it?”

persimmon kids

First off – and this is really important – there are two kinds of persimmons: astringent and non-astringent. Astringent persimmons are very high in tannins and must get really soft and ripe before you eat them – and when you do, get ready for seriously sour.

persimmon recipe

The lovely fruits you see pictured here, however, are the non-astringent variety. The farmer I bought these from said they can be eaten when they’re firm like an apple or when they’re a bit softer. They’re delicious – sweet, crisp, and a little spicy.

If you need more convincing, get this: they don’t brown. I’m not sure why, but I was thrilled to see that after my daughter’s lunch sat in the fridge overnight, the persimmon slices were just as bright orange as they were the afternoon before.

bento lunch

So, this isn’t a recipe at all – just an explanation of what’s in season where I live and why I think you should throw it in your child’s lunch (pictured here with Hot Pink Rice, Taco Kale Chips, and Plantain Shrimp (recipes coming soon for those).

how to pick persimmons


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