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The Easiest Halloween Bento Box Ever

We’ve done quite a few Halloween bento box lunches lately, but this one is hands down the fastest. I had some leftover tuna salad, but you could swap that for a sandwich if you don’t have tuna ready to go.

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You’ll need some Bento Eyes Food Picks, a small container for your tuna salad (which I wrapped with saran wrap), a couple of those itchy plastic spider rings, and EasyLunchbox Lunch Box Container or other divided lunch box. I also threw in a mini fork to the tuna can be spread on the crackers easily.

For the food, you’ll need tuna salad and crackers (or a sandwich), some grapes (cut in half if your child is young) and speared with the eye picks, a few snow peas or carrot sticks with the spider rings wrapped around them, and a peeled clementine or mandarin orange with a small piece of celery inserted in the middle to look like a pumpkin stem. That’s it!
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