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Hot Pink Rice

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When my oldest daughter was a baby, I decided we’d have a fairly gender neutral room with lots of white and green. I was fresh out of grad school and didn’t want to ruin her by pushing her into prescribed gender roles, amiright?

One day when she was about 16 months old, I bought her a set of sippy cups – they came two to a pack with a blue and a pink cup. She refused to drink out of the blue cup and cried until I gave her the pink cup. And she hasn’t looked back.

The rule in our house now is that if it can be pink, it must be pink: crayons, shirts, bows, sheets, and everything in between.

Until recently, she didn’t think rice could be anything but white. Little did she know that rice could be hot pink. how to cook beets

The real win here, though, is that she’s never been a huge fan of beets, and I buy them a lot this time of year when they’re in season. She took a few bites of the rice – which she pronounced to be the best rice ever – and since I really don’t believe in hiding vegetables from kids, I told her why the rice was pink. If she’s going to learn to like beets, she needs to know when she’s eating them. She didn’t seem to mind that she was eating beet, so I hope this opens up the door to other kid-friendly beet recipes.

Since beets can have an earthy smell, I used fragrant jasmine rice to help combat that. You can use any white rice you want, but I definitely recommend jasmine if you’re worried about helping kids eat their beets.

kid friendly beet recipes

I made this as a side for dinner, but I can’t wait to try it with sticky short grain rice to make hot pink rice shapes for her bento lunches. The lunch below features this hot pink rice, as well as sliced persimmon; I’ll be posting the recipes soon for the taco kale chips and plantain coated shrimp, which are grain free.

bento lunch

Hot Pink Rice

Vibrantly colored rice that's beautiful and delicious!


1 beet

up to 1 1/2 c. jasmine rice*


  1. Grab your beet and peel it. I don't chop off the stem nub so I have something to hold on to. Next, get your box grater and, using the tiniest holes you have, grate the beet as finely as possible. Then chop it up well so you don't have strings of beet in the rice.
  2. Cook your jasmine rice on the stove or in your rice maker according to the directions on the bag.
  3. During the last couple of minutes of cooking, stir the very finely grated beet into the rice. Return the lid.
  4. Stir again really well before serving to get the rice saturated with beet color.

*I used jasmine rice because its wonderful fragrance helps combat the earthy smell that beets can have. One good sized beet will really saturate up to 1 1/2 cups of dry rice.

jasmine rice





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