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Halloween Bento Box

About a month and a half ago, my little girl asked if we could decorate for Halloween. In September. We live in Florida, so despite the fact that it was 95 degrees outside and almost 100% humidity, we pulled out all of our owls, leaves, and pumpkins. To say she likes Halloween is a huge understatement. So, now that it’s actually October, I thought she needed a fun Halloween themed lunch.

halloween school lunch

You can do all of this bento in about 10 minutes, if you have the tools ready and hard-boiled egg cooked and chilled in the fridge for the ridiculously cute ghost (that only takes a couple of minutes to make). If you omit the “BOO” letters, the most time consuming part of the whole thing, you can shave even more time off.

Extra special Halloween lunch that isn’t filled with junk food in less than 10 minutes? Yes, please.


For this bento, you’ll need a bat, a star, and a cat cookie cutter; a toothpick cut in half; some nori punches (or scissors since we’re just making circles) for the ghost’s eyes and mouth; as well as some Bento Eyes Food Picks for the spooky monster baby bell peppers.

halloween food

Total Time: about 10 minutes

Halloween Bento Box

Add some spooky fun to lunch with these easy ideas!



  • cat cookie cutter
  • bat cookie cutter
  • nori punch (for ghosts's eyes and mouth)
  • single eye food picks
  • a toothpick cut in half
  • alphabet mini cookie cutters for "BOO"
  • star or moon cookie cutter


  • hard boiled egg
  • nori seaweed (found in health food stores or a well-stocked grocery store)
  • a carrot, grated
  • red grapes
  • mini bell peppers
  • cheese
  • pumpernickel bread (with filling of your choice)
  • a few chocolate chips or other treat


  1. Slice the bottom 1/4" of egg white off the ghost. Cut this egg white round in half so you have two semicircles. Now trim the top part off of each semicircle so you're left with a right angle at the top. Use your toothpick halves to attach the ghost's wings to the egg body.
  2. Using your nori seaweed and the punch, make the ghost's eyes and mouth (if you don't have a punch, you could easily cut out three small circles with scissors). Press the egg ghost down into the seaweed to position them on the face.
  3. Grate your carrot. If you want to stir in a splash of olive oil, vinegar, and/or maple syrup to make it more interesting, go for it. Lay the ghost on top of the salad.
  4. Cut the stars out of cheese and position in between mini bell peppers. I put eye food picks in the bell peppers to make them creepy and fun.
  5. Toss some grapes in the bat cookie cutter and surround by leftover fruit or more shredded carrot. I had some leftover persimmon I used.
  6. Make a simple sandwich with pumpernickel bread and press the cat cookie cutter through it. My cookie cutter is orange, so I left it in, but you could remove it if you'd rather.
  7. Bonus step - "BOO." Peel the skin off of a section of chocolate bell pepper and punch your "B" and "O" cookie cutters through to spell "BOO."

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