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Halloween Bento Box Round-Up

I love making fun holiday-themed bento box lunches for my little girl. These boxes range in order from most time consuming to prepare (about 10 minutes) to least time consuming (about 5 minutes). But they’re all healthy, fun, and delicious.

Here’s Halloween bento box with a spooky tofu moon, cat pasta salad, bell pepper pumpkins. easy halloween school lunch

I love this Halloween lunch box with a hardboiled egg ghost, a black cat sandwich, and cute fruits and veggies.

halloween school lunch

This do-it-yourself lunchable style pizza bento is cute and fast to put together.

halloween pizza recipe

And last but not least, for this Easiest Halloween Bento, we’ll toss some leftover tuna salad (or a sandwich) with some snow peas or carrot sticks with spider rings, some cut up grapes, and a clementine pumpkin.

halloween lunch ideas

halloween school lunch



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