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Silly Face Bento

I love this bento. It was so easy to throw together, and my daughter ate every bit of it.

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It does require some supplies to get the same cute effect: Bento Eyes and nori seaweed happy face punches, but those tools add so much fun to this lunch and only seconds more prep time.

I also used a melon baller, which I’ve always thought of as an unnecessary, fussy tool, but I find that it actually makes serving small bits of watermelon a lot easier. Just grab a melon, cut off the top, and start balling. Apply firm pressure as you turn the baller to get a nice sphere shape. Put some plastic wrap on the leftover melon and ball some more as you need it. It’s easier than dealing with the entire melon at one time, especially if you only need a little bit for lunches.

If you’re wondering, this lunchbox is made by PlanetBox and is my absolute favorite lunchbox. It’s stainless steel, incredibly durable, and easy to pack. You can find it here.

Silly Face Bento

Add some silly fun to lunch time!




Vegetables (I used yellow bell pepper and cucumber)

Cornichons (or other little pickles)

Cheese wedge (Baby bel is pictured here)


Whole wheat animal crackers (recipe coming soon!)

Nori seaweed*


Melon baller

Googly Eye Picks

Seaweed smiley face punch

Silicone cupcake liner

Bento box (I love my PlanetBox, pictured in this post)



1. Using the melon baller, scoop out balls from the watermelon. If you've never done that before, apply firm pressure as you turn the melon baller. I placed the balls in a line and added eyes to the last one so it looks like a caterpillar.

2. Scoop some hummus into a silicone cupcake liner.

3. Cut up your veggies to go with the hummus.

4. Grab your nori seaweed and punch out a face using your nori press. Instead of picking up each piece individually, I just laid the cucumber slice on top of the cut outs to get them to stick. I did transfer the hummus face piece by piece.

5. Add eyes to the cheese wedge and pickles.

6. Toss in a handful of animal crackers or other carb.

*Nori seaweed, what is usually used in sushi, is available at most grocery stores in the Asian section or at health food stores. You can also get it online.

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