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Nut-free School Lunch Ideas {Recipe Round-up}

nut free lunch

One of my daughters goes to a nut-free school, and my other daughter has a nut allergy, so we’re always looking for lunch ideas that don’t involve nut butters. Here are a few healthy, fun alternatives! Click on the links below the pictures for more information on how to prepare the recipe.

easy bento lunch ideas

Tofu Happy Face Bento

Ingredients: tofu, Asian-style noodles, raspberries, bell pepper,
cornichons (or other pickle), roasted chickpeas, nori seaweed (for faces)
Special Tools: nori punches for the silly faces and animal bento picks
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bento lunch ideas

Silly Face Bento

Ingredients: raisins, hummus, yellow bell pepper & cucumber, cornichons (or other little pickles),
melon, whole wheat animal crackers (recipe coming soon!), cheese wedge, nori seaweed for faces
Tools: nori punches for the silly faces and Bento Eyes
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1 copy

South of the Border Bento

Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, quesadilla, pineapple, make ahead black bean and veggie salad
Tools: Silicone baking cups and cutter for bell pepper flowers
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salmon and avocado salad

Salmon + Avocado Bento

Ingredients: small piece of cooked salmon, half of an avocado, fruit, carrot sticks,
olives, cucumber, greek yogurt dip, bread or crackers, cheese
Tools: animal bento picks and a silicone baking cup
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easy tortilla chips

Under the Sea Bento Box

Ingredients: red bell pepper, yellow tomatoes, carrots,
tortilla chips (star shaped recipe coming soon!), hot dog, cucumber, dye-free jellybeans
Tools: sharp knife and sea creature bento picks
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antipasto lunch

Antipasto Bento Box

Ingredients: mozzarella, red bell pepper, Italian herb seasoning, olives,
cucumbers, hummus, cornichons (or other pickles), salami, hummus, fruit
Tools: toothpick and silicone baking cup
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lunch ideas

Burrito Bento Box

Ingredients: tortilla, fruit, leftover protein, cheese, salsa, cilantro, leftover vegetables and beans
Tools: silicone baking cups or other small containers
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