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PlanetBox Review

I was contacted by PlanetBox recently to see if I would be interested in doing a review of their stainless steel lunch box system. I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve admired their products but hadn’t actually gotten around to buying one yet since they’re not inexpensive. The following review is my honest, uncoerced opinion.

This lunch box is amazing.

antipasto lunch

If you like the idea of packing more than just a PB&J and a fruit cup but hate looking for containers that 1. are clean, 2. have matching lids, and 3. will fit into whatever lunch box your kid is willing to carry, then this might be a great investment. I say “investment” because you’ll spend about $60 on a PlanetBox Lunchbox. But here’s why I think it’s worthwhile –

bento box

1. Stainless steel instead of plastic.

The material is entirely made of stainless steel, so unless you run over it with your car, it’s basically indestructible. Plus it won’t get stained and warped like plastic does. I plan on using this lunch box as long as my kid is willing to carry one.

2. You never have to look for any little containers or baggies.

This is the game changer for me. The divided trays are the perfect size for storing cheese, crackers, fruit, pasta salad – you name it. I love sending leftovers for lunch, but I hate trying to find enough tupperware (and the elusive lids!). With Planet Box, just open up the lunch box and pack it up.


3. Lunch box bling – personalization options

My daughter and my husband use the same lunch box; I can’t imagine saying that about the fairy-sized Elsa lunch box my daughter also uses occasionally. The plain stainless steel version is sent with my husband, but my daughter can add the fun ocean magnets that came with it on days that she carries it instead. And then she can carry it in the pink insulated zip-up back that came with it, too. PlanetBox has loads of fun magnets to choose from as well as several different color options for the outside cover.


But are there any negative points to this lunch box?

Honestly, besides the price tag, I haven’t discovered anything negative about this system. I suppose it could be a tad heavy for a kindergartener once there are ice packs involved since it’s made of stainless steel, but the sturdy material is obviously part of the selling point for me.

Some reviewers said they had leakage issues, which we haven’t – although I’m not sending soup in this, either. Our lunch box came with a small stainless twist-top container that’s the perfect size for salad dressings, as well as a larger sealed stainless container that’s a nice size for dips.

Overall opinion?

Yes, it’s an up front investment for a lunch box, but it makes packing healthy lunches a breeze and it should last my kids for years. If you’re on the fence, I hope this review encourages you to give it a shot. You can find it on amazon here

planetbox review

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