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Out of Time Refried Beans

easy refried beans

We got home from church a little later than usual a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was seriously cranky hungry. We had nothing ready to eat, so I sautéed some veggies for quick quesadillas and made the fastest refried beans ever. Normally I soak pinto beans, boil them with ham bones, add sautéed onion, and generally make a day out of a simple pot of beans, but not today – I whipped up what I thought would be passable refried beans for my hangry people, and they loved them. There’s still a place in my heart for a homey pot of beans simmered on the stove all day, but this recipe is great for those times when you just need something else but have no time.

easy refried beans

This recipe is simple, guys. You can dress it up with cumin, cilantro, some jalapeno – whatever you like, but it’s quick and really good on its own.

easy refried beans

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