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Fourth of July Fruit Wands

fruit wandsThe air outside my house is about as humid as it can be without actually raining; the farmers’ market is chock full of tomatoes, squash, and watermelon; and, as the summer equivalent of Puxatony Phil, my child refuses to put on her shoes to go outside. Summer is upon us, friends.

fourth of july dessert

There isn’t much that says “summer” like watermelon, especially when it’s eaten by barefoot little girls in a tree house.


This recipe, if you can even call it that, is quite possibly the easiest Fourth of July dessert ever. It’s also super cute and healthy.

fourth of july

So, find a watermelon, a package of blueberries, and a herd of small children, and let’s get started.

watermelon and blueberries

You’ll need a star shaped cookie cutter for this. I used a really thick biscuit type star cutter I found at a cool little vintage shop, but you can use any metal cookie cutter you have. It’s easier if it’s backless.


It’s also a great idea to trim the sharp part of the skewers after you thread the blueberries on if little kids will be enjoying these.



fruit skewers

Yield: varies

Prep Time: a few minutes

Cook Time: none

Fourth of July Fruit Wands

These easy, festive, and healthy fruit wands are sure to be a hit at your Fourth of July celebration!


a small seedless watermelon

1 clamshell of blueberries, rinsed

wood skewers (small or large - I used both sizes in the pictures)

1 star shaped biscuit cutter or open metal cookie cutter


1. Cut watermelon slices that are a generous inch wide. Using an open star shaped biscuit cutter (or whatever fun metal cookie cutter you happen to have), press through the watermelon, and then using a sharp knife, cut the star in half so there are two stars. I found that cutting thinner single stars resulted in more breakage when I was pushing it out of the cookie cutter.

2. Thread a few blueberries onto the skewer, cut off the sharp tip with a good pair of scissors if little kids will be eating these, and then top with a watermelon star pushed about halfway in.





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