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Buckwheat Crepe Roll Ups

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When I was a kid, my dad made crepes whenever I had a friend spend the night. Now that my preschooler is having regular sleepovers at her grandparents’ house, the crepe tradition continues.

Since my husband and I decided to give up wheat for Lent, I’ve been experimenting with alternative flours. I’m in love with buckwheat flour. It’s hearty, doesn’t have the bitterness that whole wheat flour can sometimes have, and makes a soft, bendable crepe. It’s also gluten-free if you or your kids have gluten sensitivities.

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These crepes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack. Just freeze them individually, toss in a bag, and pull them out as needed. They keep once they’ve been assembled for a day in the fridge, so they’re great for a make-ahead bite to eat.

Or eat the whole batch in one sitting like my daughter and I did. We smeared ours with cream cheese and strawberry jam. I might try mascarpone cheese and raspberry jam next time just for kicks, but I’m not sure how the simplicity of strawberry and cream cheese could be improved upon.

So, grab a crepe.

gluten free buckwheat crepes

Smear it with cream cheese.

buckwheat crepe

And a generous spoonful of your favorite jam.

(I like buying organic since strawberries are so high in pesticides. I also avoid brands sweetened with corn syrup and instead opt for fruit juice sweetened).

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Roll it up.

strawberry cream cheese crepe

And cut it into slices.

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Simple, perfect, and sure to please your kids.

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