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Soba Noodles with Awesome Sauce

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These noodles look deceptively plain but are packed with delicious sweet, earthy, and savory flavors that would be a beautiful complement to pretty much any protein I can think of: tofu, salmon, shrimp, chicken, or beef.

This recipe might call for a few ingredients that you’re unfamiliar with, but these Japanese staple ingredients are both delicious and easily found at grocery stores, especially specialty stores like Whole Foods. If you want to save some money, find an Asian grocery store near you.

Here’s a brief explanation of some of these delicious ingredients. Soba noodles are hearty buckwheat noodles that do well in sauce and even have some protein. Dashi is a versatile broth made from a thick piece of seaweed (called “kombu”) and dried, flaked fish (called “bonito flakes”). Nori is a thin seaweed – it comes in sheets and is what is used to wrap around sushi. All of these ingredients keep well, too, so don’t worry about having to use them immediately.

soba noodles

I like this dish served chilled, but you can use warm noodles if you prefer. If you’re serving them hot immediately, there’s no need to rinse in cold water.

But are they kid-friendly? These yummy noodles are sweet and savory – a perfect way to introduce delicious Japanese flavors to your kids. My daughter wouldn’t stop eating these and said in between bites, “This is really good, Mama.”

Yield: about 4

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: about 30 minutes

Soba Noodles with Awesome Sauce

A simple, flavorful introduction to Japanese flavors that's sure to win over any picky eater.


1 package soba (buckwheat) noodles
1 c. dashi broth (recipe follows)
1/4 c. raw, local honey
1/4 c. good quality soy sauce (get organic if you want to avoid GMO soy)
3 spring onions (greens only), sliced very thin
1 clove garlic, smashed
1" piece of ginger, peeled
sesame seeds
1 sheet nori seaweed


1. Simmer dashi, honey, and soy sauce until liquid reduces by half. Add in garlic and ginger. Simmer until sauce is as thick as you'd like (or until it lightly coats a spoon).
2. Cook soba according to directions on the package. Rinse well in cold water when done.
3. Toss the nori under a broiler until it crisps and changes color (from black to greenish gold). This happens quickly, so keep an eye on it.
4. Toss soba with sauce and green onions. Sprinkle on crumbled nori and sesame seeds as desired.

Dashi Broth
6 c. water
1 5 cm. piece of kombu seaweed (rinsed and gently patted - but don't rub off the flavorful white coating)
3 T. bonito flakes

1. Bring water to boil. Toss in the kombu and boil for one minute. Remove the kombu.
2. Add the bonito flakes, bring to a boil, and immediately remove from heat.
3. After a few minutes, strain the bonito out of the liquid.

Store in the fridge and use within two days. This is a great base for miso soup, if you're looking for another use. You can also freeze.

Adapted from Charmaine Solomon's The Complete Asian Cookbook



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