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Owl Bagels, Two Ways

My toddler is quite the foodie when it comes to cheese. My husband loves to tell the story when, a few months into the Teach Eat Love food experiment, she asked him for “olives and gouda cheese” for her snack. She learned to enjoy very sharp cheddar, goat cheese, havarti, and lots more; however, she refuses to eat cream cheese.

My grandfather taught me at an early age that cream cheese is best applied to bagels with an ice cream scoop, so I’m not content to let her cream cheese hating ways to unchecked.A friend posted a pictures of a cute owl waffle she made for her daughter, and I knew I had to give it a shot with a bagel to see if I could gain any ground in the Battle of Cream Cheese. It’s a perfect and easy breakfast for a healthy Halloween, too.

And I’m pleased to say that it resulted in a food win – my toddler now loves cream cheese.

(Yes, this is typical breakfast attire at our house).

If you’d rather change things up with nut butter and bananas, I included a variation below.



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