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Black Bean and Pumpkin Tacos

tacosI sat down and wrote up some blog goals the other day. I want to have more baby food recipes on a weekly basis, more lunch ideas, and more dinners that are quick to put together.

This recipe is dead simple to assemble and combines hearty Mexican goodness with autumn spices.┬áIf some of the ingredients don’t seem like they belong together, think about the depth of flavor in curries – they combine warm spices that we generally reserve for fall baking with savory chickpeas and squashes. These flavors work.

If you want more kick to your tacos, toss in some green chiles, chili powder, or some diced jalapeno. I wanted warmth more than heat for this recipe, so it’s not terribly spicy as written.

vegan tacos

But there’s spinach in it – will my kids like it? I wasn’t sure if mine would protest the green, but after one bite she said, “Mmmm. That’s really good, Mama.”



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