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Unjunked: Cheez-It Crackers

My daughter would eat her weight in crackers if I let her. I don’t like buying crackers from the store because there’s so much junk in most brands, and it’s actually pretty easy to make crackers at home with a handful of totally normal ingredients. I’ve made sourdough crackers and thought I’d try my hand at a kid-classic: Cheez Its. I asked my husband if these were as good as Cheez Its; he laughed and said, “No, actually. They’re better.”


1 1/2 c. unbleached all purpose flour
1/2 c. packed sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil (you can use butter, if you prefer)
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/2 c. water
1 T. dried cheese powder (optional, but gives a brighter orange color and a stronger cheddar flavor)**
coarse sea salt, to taste


1. In a food processor, pulse the dry ingredients. Add the cheese. Pulse.
2. Pour the olive oil into the dry, pulsing as you go. Pour enough water so that the dough clings together and pulse.
3. Between two sheets of parchment paper, roll the dough as thin as possible. Slice into whatever shape you like; I use a pizza cutter to cut 1" squares, but you can do anything - pull out cookie cutters if you want a project for your kids.
4. Brush with water and sprinkle with coarse sea salt.

5. Slide the parchment onto a cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes, checking to make sure they're not overcooking. Bake until golden brown and mostly crisp - they will continue to crisp as they cool.

Store in an airtight container. I'm not sure how long these will keep because they don't last much more than a day around here.


*I didn't have garlic or onion powder on hand, but a dash of one or both of those would probably be a great addition. 
**This isn't a standard ingredient, but it's worth buying if you plan on making these regularly or enjoy sprinkling it on popcorn. It should be plain cheese, just dried and powdered. Nothing else added. 



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