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Gingerbread Snack Bites

gingerbread larabars

My preschooler loves larabar-type snacks, so I thought I’d make some in a fun Christmas flavor: ginger and cinnamon for holiday spice, and molasses, which adds a touch of sweetness as well as iron and calcium.

larabar recipe

Avocado Banana Whip

baby food

I think out of all the fruits and vegetables out there, I hear about the health benefits of avocados and bananas the most. So, I thought, why not combine them for a superfood baby meal? It’s ready in seconds and has a velvety smooth consistency that’s great if you’ve got a texture-sensitive baby.

I love using my immersion blender for easy clean up and fast preparation, but you can also prepare this in a regular blender that’s suited for smaller quantities.

Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts

brussels sprouts

I’m a firm believer in what Alice Waters says about food: “good cooking mean[s] finding the freshest ingredients and then doing as little as possible to them.” It’s absolute magic what a few basic ingredients –  a little butter, olive oil, maple syrup, and coarse sea salt – can do to Brussels sprouts. They take a humble, under-appreciated vegetable and transform it into simple, caramelized gloriousness.

roasted brussels sprouts

Cran-Apple Grilled Cheese

cranberry grilled cheese

My four year old has been going through a picky eating stage again. I’ve read that it’s pretty common to get picky again around this age, but I’m still going to put up a fight.

There are a few things that she still loves: cranberries, apples, and cheese. So, I thought I’d try putting them together in a Thanksgiving themed lunch: cran-apple grilled cheese. cranberry sauce

Fennel And Apple Purée

easy baby food

When my husband and I went to France last year, fennel was everywhere. That same licorice flavor was even in a drink that quickly became a favorite of my husband’s: pastis. I’ve never been a licorice fan, but I do love the crisp, bracing freshness of fennel. It’s a flavor that I often overlook, so I want to try to include fennel in our meals a little bit more.

If you aren’t familiar with fennel, the feathery leaves are great in salads. I’m also curious to try making a pesto out of them to rub on meat before cooking. But the crunchy base is what I love the best, and it’s also what this recipe calls for.