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Kid Approved Kale Pesto Pasta


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You’d think I put down a plate of roadkill judging by her response to the bowl of green pasta in front of her. She squirmed, and flailed, and whined, and played the biggest trump card she has: “I’m just so tired. Can I just go to bed now, please?” I mean, really, what parent says no to a kid asking to go to bed early?

I said, “sure, you just have to try one bite first.”

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Cue the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

She chewed, swallowed, and sheepishly smiled as she picked her fork up for more.

how to cook kale

I served kale last night, and both of my children happily ate it all and asked for more. Verdict: repeat recipe.

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Fourth of July Parfait & a JJ Cole Review

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We have a quilt that my mom bought us years ago when we were first married and trying to decorate our house on a shoe string budget. It’s shabby chic and lovely, but it’s worn now and no longer matches anything in our house. We use it for picnics and things because it’s big and pretty, but since it’s cotton, it soaks up anything wet on the ground and gets heavy and gross.

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Brave Bento Box

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My kids’ favorite Disney movie is really a tie between Frozen and the Lion King. My favorite Disney movie, though, is Brave. I absolutely love the story between mother and daughter, the beautiful scenery, and the voices. That movie always makes me cry.

For the Brave bento, I wanted to do something fun but also delicious. I love highly stylized bentos, but so many that I see are so rice-dependent, and I wonder how they actually taste. This bento borrows heavily from Italian flavors, so it tastes great. Instead of a rice face, I used polenta. You can make your own or save some time and buy pre-made tubes of polenta at the grocery store. They don’t sear as well as homemade polenta, but they’re fine for this.

This is also great for leftovers – if you make corkscrew pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs for dinner, this bento is a snap.

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Hello Kitty Sandwich Bento

Well, I had plans to post this the week my daughter finished preschool, and then summer happened. Having two kids at home all day is no joke. We had some projects around the house that needed to be tackled – a sad blue room and a boring taupe bathroom needed to be painted pink for two little sisters, we visited some of our favorite people in the world (who incidentally have the most gorgeous live oak trees in Tallahassee), and we met up with my husband’s family at the beach.

Then I blinked and the first month of summer flew by.

We will be resuming our regular schedule this week – I’m so excited to share some J.J. Cole products and an absolutely adorable healthy food board book with you – but first, let’s say hello to Hello Kitty.

When I was a kid, if I wanted Hello Kitty stuff, we had to drive up to Jacksonville to go to the mothership: the Sanrio store. It probably happened twice in my childhood, and it was magical. My daughters don’t understand how sacrosanct this little cat was to me because they see her everywhere we go, including walmart.

This bento box comes together easily, and is one of the happiest lunches I’ve ever sent my daughter.

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Ni├žoise Salad {bento for grown-ups!}

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This is probably my husband’s favorite lunch. It’s filling, healthy, and delicious. If you think salad won’t keep you full at lunch, try this – it’s hearty and will keep you going all afternoon.