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We’re back!


Hi, friends!

It’s been awhile, but we’re back and better than ever!

Thanks for being patient while we rested up from our daughter’s NICU stay, moved to a new house, and adjusted to becoming a family of four. I hope you like the new website – I’ll continue tweaking and re-formatting old recipes in the coming days. Keep an eye out for fun new recipes beginning next week!




(photography by the lovely Leah Dorr)

Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

My mom dropped by and saw these cooling on the stove. She magnanimously offered to taste test and couldn’t believe when I told her that these are whole wheat and sweetened with dates. She said they might be her favorite cupcakes ever, regardless of being healthy.

Roast Banana with Honey, Yogurt, and Almonds

I’m going to make a confession: I don’t like bananas. I have tried and tried but just can’t do it. I made banana pudding for my husband once (it’s one of his favorite desserts) and gagged the entire time.

How to Eat Well on a Budget

When I talk to people about how we eat, sometimes I hear this response: “Oh, that sounds nice, but we can’t afford to grocery shop that way.”

The more I thought about it and talked with my husband about it, the less I was convinced that this is an appropriate criticism. In fact, I’m pretty sure that unless you’re a big couponer, eating processed foods is actually as much if not more expensive than a simpler, whole-foods diet.

However, it does take some creativity to make our dollars stretch and still eat the way we want to. I used to love couponing and would revel in days when I’d come back from the supermarket with a dozen boxes of pop tarts or cereal for less than .25 each. So, I quickly learned an important lesson in making the switch from a processed to a whole foods diet….

Cherry and Almond Overnight Oats

What are overnight oats?
1. Overnight oats are awesome. They take just a few minutes to assemble and are ready with zero fuss in the morning. You can even make them a couple of days at a time.
2. Overnight oats are really healthy. This oatmeal is soaked in milk and yogurt, which break down —- and makes the oats more digestible.
3. Overnight oats are totally customizable. There’s a flavor (or ten) for everyone. Get your kids to make their own if they’re old enough to measure and pour – it’s a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen.
4. If you’re out the door early in the morning, these are totally ready when you are and they’re portable.

Why Full Fat?
I’m a big believer in full-fat dairy products and use whole milk and whole milk yogurt in this recipe. Adding some fat to your oatmeal helps prevent a big carb sugar spike and will keep you feeling full much longer. That said, this recipe will still work with reduced fat dairy or alternative milk and yogurt products.

What are all of the add ins? Chia, Hemp, and Flax
Chia, hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds), and ground flax seeds might be new to you. They’ve all had their moment in the trendy food limelight and should be easily found at grocery stores (but are always cheaper in bulk food bins). You can omit some or all of them if you don’t have them on hand or prefer to just add a bit of one and not the others.