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Peach + Bourbon + Vidalia Pizza

I love getting my daughter to try new flavors by adding a twist to childhood favorite dishes like pizza and macaroni and cheese. I’ve found that my little girl will eat pretty much anything as long as it’s on pizza. So, I like to get creative and come up with interesting combinations to help her try new things. This southern-inspired pizza might be my favorite yet.

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Peaches. They are hands down my favorite fruit, but they’re also the ones I’m most frequently disappointed by because there’s nothing sadder in the produce world than rock hard grocery store peaches. Now that we live outside of the Deep South, I don’t even bother buying peaches but once in a blue moon because I know they won’t hold a candle to my Chilton county peaches (which are, unequivocally, the best peaches ever).

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But this pizza is forgiving if you don’t live in peach country. Since the peaches are cooked with brie, bourbon, and vidalias, you won’t know if you don’t have the best peaches ever. And if you are one of those fortunate souls who gets to enjoy Alabama peaches in the summer, all the better.

This pizza doesn’t call for a grill, but if you have one fired up and ready to go, grilled peaches on top of a grilled pizza seem like a winning combination.

South of the Border Bento

Love sending Bento boxes but hate the time consuming preparation? Here’s a bento that comes together in a snap.

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Bento Tutorial – Easy Bell Pepper Cut Outs

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Sure, bento lunches can be time-consuming and entirely too complicated, but they can also be adorable and simple like this beautiful Mexican-inspired box above with South of the Border Black Bean and Veggie Salad. These bell pepper flowers are a great way to add some cute visual interest to lunch time, and they only take a minute or two to make (seriously). You just need some cute cutters like these Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters.

South of the Border Black Bean & Veggie Salad

make ahead lunch ideas

Want to know a great way to have delicious lunches? Make a monster huge batch of salad at the beginning of the week. I love making chilled pasta salads with whatever vegetables we have, but this week I wanted to try something different. This chilled salad is full of rainbow colored vegetables, and it’s packed with flavor from honey, lime, cilantro, cumin, and garlic.

I put it in a Bento lunch with some leftover quesadilla and pineapple, but you could eat it over greens, brown rice, quinoa – whatever floats your boat.

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Baby’s First Green Beans

A few weeks ago, I got a picture of homemade baby food from my cousin with an accompanying plea-for-help phone call about a bizarre texture issue. Store-bought jars of baby food are super heated and whipped with industrial machines to that get a velvety smooth consistency, something that most homemade baby food just can’t compete with. Some foods – like poultry and green beans, in particular  – simply will not get a super smooth texture unless you really work for it or just cook them to death. My poor cousin had combined both chicken and green beans and wondered why they wouldn’t purée nicely for his baby.

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