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Cloudy with a Chance of Teriyaki Meatballs

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My little girl and I went to the library pretty much every Thursday, and we pick out a few new books to bring home. I realized we had never read this classic, and as we read it at home (about 3,000 times – she loved it), I got the idea for a fun themed recipe.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Teriyaki Meatballs.

cloudy with a chance of meatballs recipe

They’re seriously delicious, easy, and they’re great for make-ahead meals. You can freeze them with the sauce already on and pull them out as needed for bento lunches or stir fry dinners.

PlanetBox Review

I was contacted by PlanetBox recently to see if I would be interested in doing a review of their stainless steel lunch box system. I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve admired their products but hadn’t actually gotten around to buying one yet since they’re not inexpensive. The following review is my honest, uncoerced opinion.

This lunch box is amazing.

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If you like the idea of packing more than just a PB&J and a fruit cup but hate looking for containers that 1. are clean, 2. have matching lids, and 3. will fit into whatever lunch box your kid is willing to carry, then this might be a great investment. I say “investment” because you’ll spend about $60 on a PlanetBox Lunchbox. But here’s why I think it’s worthwhile –

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Antipasto Bento

antipasto lunch

My four year old has had a love affair with olives for years. She loves all kinds of olives – especially those big, fat, green ones that she can eat off her fingers. But her favorite olives are oil-cured black olives. They’re wrinkly and in a jar that’s not filled with brine like the pimento-stuffed olives. She also loves salami and pickled vegetables, which is a happy coincidence since they are traditionally eaten together anyway. Apparently the fermentation process of traditionally pickled foods helps with the digestion of fattier meats.

This is probably her favorite lunch – olives, pickles, salami, cheese, and fruit. She’s a happy girl. It’s a great break from regular sandwiches, and it’s a cinch to throw together. Let’s get started!

Baby’s Cherry Applesauce

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My baby loves fruit, but some are still just too hard for those 6 little teeth she has. This recipe is a lovely way to introduce cherries as well as make apples easier for baby to manage.

My Favorite Popcorn

nutritional yeast popcorn

My family and I are popcorn junkies. It’s probably our favorite snack, and my daughter asks me to make it about 400 times during the week.

But we don’t eat just any popcorn. There’s been lots of buzz over the past decade about possible health risks of microwave popcorn, but I like popping my own in my air popper better anyway: if you use air to pop your popcorn, you can liberally pour butter all over the popcorn without guilt. That and it’s difficult to make microwave popcorn when you traded your microwave for a range hood.

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