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Circus Bento

kindergarten bento

My oldest started kindergarten last week and, since her teacher chose cute circus decorations for their classroom, she asked for a circus lunch for her first day of school. This bento was easy to throw together – especially if you keep meatballs in the freezer for quick meals.

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Gymnast Bento

olympics bento box

My five year old thought she liked ballet until one fateful night when we tuned in to Rio gymnastics. The pretty girls, sparkly costumes, and jumping on a massive trampoline dance floor convinced her that she IS a gymnast. We went to her first class yesterday, and I’m pretty sure she felt like she was about to medal when she put chalk on her sweet little sweaty palms.

olympic bento

The Giving Tree Bento

the giving tree

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy.”

Olympics Bento

olympics bento box

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? This has been a fun one for us because our five year old is old enough to enjoy watching with us. She loves the movie Rio, so the fact that these are taking place in Rio is a fun bonus. I decided to make an Olympic-themed bento box to bring some spirit to her lunch.

olympic bento

Here’s what you’ll need…

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sports themed bento box



The First Years Helping Hands Feeding Set

We have been using a $20 high chair from a certain Scandinavian store. It has a fairly small footprint in my kitchen and is easy to clean, but our baby isn’t a baby anymore; she’s a toddler who wants to sit with us at the table.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted to see if I would review The First Years Helping Hands Feeding set. Since we needed a new seating solution, I thought it’d be a great chance for me to give it a shot.

first years review