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Leftover Taco Bento Box

Packing leftovers for a kid’s lunch can be a tricky situation since they can’t be warmed up at school; however, I’ve learned that my little kid will eat just about anything if it’s fun: and that means do-it-yourself taco time!

Taking leftovers from “blah” to “fun” is easy – just grab a tortilla.

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Guacamole Bento Box

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This bento box was a huge hit with my preschooler. Guacamole, sweet potato chips, bell pepper, cheddar cheese flowers (just grab a small cookie cutter), apple slices, and raisins? It’s pretty much a Who’s Who of her favorite foods.

Happy Bento

It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s happy! This bento box can be prepped ahead of time if you put your freezer and rice cooker to work – it’ll just take a few minutes to assemble in the morning.

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Birthday Bento

So this sweet little girl turned five recently.

birthday bento ideas

Turning five requires a very special birthday lunch – and since I knew she’d be enjoying cupcakes with her class, I wanted to keep it on the healthy side, but still fun.

It’s a seriously easy bento to throw together. You’ll need a lunchbox with compartments (I love my PlanetBox lunch box), one or two small cookie cutters (like a star, a heart, and your child’s age), a few candles, and some bento picks (like these panda bento picks) for fun.

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Jam Jar Salad – Kale, Beets, & Tempeh

I’ve started to notice something at my house. I work hard to make sure my family has yummy, healthy meals, but I frequently eat whatever I can grab for my own lunches. A handful of crackers between errands and folding laundry? Whatever the baby didn’t finish for her lunch? Does this sound familiar to anybody else out there?

And I know I’m not just talking to stay at home mommies here. When I was teaching full time, it was the same story: grab whatever I could find before I had to head out the door.  So whether you’re working at home or at the office, the story is the same: we deserve a real meal for lunch.

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