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Baby’s Cherry Applesauce

baby food

My baby loves fruit, but some are still just too hard for those 6 little teeth she has. This recipe is a lovely way to introduce cherries as well as make apples easier for baby to manage.

My Favorite Popcorn

nutritional yeast popcorn

My family and I are popcorn junkies. It’s probably our favorite snack, and my daughter asks me to make it about 400 times during the week.

But we don’t eat just any popcorn. There’s been lots of buzz over the past decade about possible health risks of microwave popcorn, but I like popping my own in my air popper better anyway: if you use air to pop your popcorn, you can liberally pour butter all over the popcorn without guilt. That and it’s difficult to make microwave popcorn when you traded your microwave for a range hood.

how to make popcorn

Honeydew Coconut Lime Pops

vegan popsicles

It’s about 4 million degrees here in Florida. I’m not exaggerating. It’s cook-eggs-on-pavement kind of hot, but my four year old still wants to play outside, blessherheart.


We needed a refreshing way to cool down, so I whipped up some of these popsicles in my Zoku Quick Pop Maker. They’re mostly honeydew melon, which makes a lovely creamy jade green color, with a splash of coconut milk and some lime for tang.

Dr. Seuss’ Quiche

dr seuss snack

When I was cleaning out my daughter’s book shelf the other day, I noticed Green Eggs and Ham. I remember how much I loved those books when I was a kid, and it got me thinking: why not make green eggs and ham?

I like green eggs and ham!

I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!

Baby’s Raspberry and Ricotta Parfait

My baby loves dairy. We waited awhile to introduce it because of a cow’s milk sensitivity while she was nursing, but we successfully introduced goat’s milk yogurt, then chévre, and then cow’s milk products. She hasn’t looked back and would happily eat cheese all day.

raspberry ricotta parfait

Since dairy is such a staple in her diet, I like to try to introduce new types of dairy to expand her tastes. This parfait is easy, nourishing, and beautiful. The subtle sweetness of the ricotta complements the tangy raspberry perfectly.