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Pasta Bento Box

healthy bento box

I love it when the stars and the moon align, and everyone in my family likes eating the same one-dish meal. I know risotto is always going to be a winner, and I’ve learned that anything with bite-sized animal shaped pasta is going to be a hit, too… except for my poor husband who has to bring a lunch made of zoo pasta to work.

This bento is made with Eat Your Veggies Pasta Salad – it’s full of vegetables that are cut up really small, so little ones can’t easily pick them out. It’s lightly seasoned, has beans for protein, and keeps in the fridge for several days for easy lunches. I added some animals cut out of bell pepper for fun (see my tutorial here).

Butter Dipped Radishes


radish appetizer

A few weeks ago, I drove my little girl up A1A to a farmers’ market that is one block from the Atlantic ocean. The sun glinted on the green ocean on our right side, and kitschy beach houses painted aqua and pink, mermaid mailboxes, and ramshackle restaurants flashed by on our left. It was a pretty perfect day.

We found some lovely veggies, but my favorite was a beautiful bundle of French breakfast radishes. These radishes are milder than regular radishes, and they have an oblong shape that’s perfect for dipping.

butter dipped radish recipe

Radishes? Really? Yes, really. If you’ve only had those harsh, spicy, old radishes from the grocery store, grab a handful of these next time you spot them. They’re amazing and totally unlike their grocery store counterparts.

When we got back home from the market, I realized we bought way too many radishes, so I invited friends over to help us eat them.

how to melt butter

And I planned on serving my radish surplus raw, dipped in butter.

butter dipped radishes


The Easiest Risotto

easy risotto recipe

Risotto is one of my family’s favorite meals. It sounds fancy if you’re not familiar with it, but risotto is the name for a comfort food dish made out of arborio rice, which you can find at pretty much any supermarket alongside of regular rice. Arborio rice is a special kind of rice that loses its shape a bit and releases starch as it cooks, resulting in a rich, creamy meal that isn’t fattening.

Risotto is also a fantastic way to use up leftover chicken, veggies, parmesan cheese rinds, chicken broth, and pretty much anything else you have laying around. The only problem is that risotto¬† can be a little bit time consuming to make. It’s not hard or anything – adding warm broth half a cup at a time isn’t difficult, but when there are two little monsters dismantling your house while you do it, it’s not the best way to spend an hour.

Boon Review and Baby’s Springtime Mash

vichysoisse for toddler

A few weeks ago, Boon contacted me about doing a review of some of their feeding and cleaning products. I love their products – so sturdy, modern, and clean looking, so I jumped at the opportunity. Before long, a happy box arrived at my door full of all kinds of lovely baby gear. I decided to make a Vichysoisse-inspired baby food to test out some of these goodies, but more on that in a minute.

boon baby gear

Man Bento Box

A few years ago, I read about these fun, tidy, compact Japanese lunches called “bentos.” Basically, they’re a fantastic way to use leftovers as lunch. So, I hopped on amazon and ordered a little lunchbox for my husband. My goal was functional and inexpensive, but then I found this one that was functional, inexpensive, AND awesome.

The little lid contains a compartment for chopsticks that reads: Dear Label We are passionate about lunch communication. The lunch is a good day pastime.


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